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To attend this three-day intensive mastermind

JUNE 7-9, 2019

Become an Exclusive Member of FEARLESS Masterminds and Get the Tools, Strategies and Relationships You Need to Maximize Your Opportunities.

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How much more could you accomplish If you…

1. Had a personal board of advisors helping you make key decisions to further your success and overcome obstacles?  

2. Were held accountable to a high level by people you admire and respect?

3. Operated from an action plan specifically designed for you by your personal board of advisors?

4. Were willing to get out of your comfort zone and experience an intense, 3-day life-changing adventure with an incredible group of like-minded individuals once per quarter? 

5. Gained access to a large network of accomplished real estate entrepreneurs willing to do life with you?

What’s Included?

Your $5,500 investment includes the following and so much more!

What Are the Qualifications to Join?

In order to qualify you must be highly motivated, adventures, already on a path to success and prepared to stay engaged for the entire 3-day event. Members must come prepared with specific goals and be looking for ways to achieve those goals and be held accountable in the quest to attain those goals. The “Host” (Jeramy Poole) will screen participants based on the below criteria and will issue the official approval or denial via email within 48 hours of application. There is no fee required to apply!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Must be the head of a team or company.
  • Must have at least two years’ experience in your current business.
  • Must have a personal income in excess of $100k and/or a personal net worth of over $1M.
  • Must be willing to take an active role in the personal lives and businesses of the other members of the group. 
  • Is in the process of taking on a new challenge, project or starting a new business venture causing you to stretch outside your comfort zone.

What’s Expected of Me?

  • Come prepared to give the group a 15 min presentation on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish over the next 3 to 12 months. Power point slideshows are highly recommended for maximum effectiveness.
  • You must be willing to both mentor and be mentored by those in the group. 
  • You must be willing to play full out and participate in all activities. 
  • You should be willing to brainstorm for both your own goals and the goals of your fellow group members in a positive, productive way. 
  • Come with an open mind as you’re about to be introduced to the next version of yourself.

How Does it Work?

Once per quarter we’ll organize an intense 3-Day FEARLESS Masterminds event in a gorgeous geographical location and choose an upscale venue to host the event. Each day we’ll kick things off with a fun group activity first thing in the morning to get your blood flowing and create strong bonds among all the members of the group. Trust is an essential component to any successful mastermind so it’s critical that we start each day this way. Once the morning activity is complete all members will meet in the main event space where everyone will have the opportunity to leverage the power of the group by holding their own “Board Meeting” exclusively for their benefit.

Every meeting starts the same way, with one of the group members giving a 15 min “Member Introduction” presentation on where they are in their business and a detailed explanation of what they intend to accomplish within the next 3 to 12 months. Then the group will spend 10 mins seeking to understand the members pain points and opportunities by asking questions before offering solutions. Once the group has a handle on the members situation “The Board” will begin brainstorming and offering suggestions to help the member achieve their goals.

The entire process is documented through video and sent to each member to review later. Specific action items are established as a result of each “Board Meeting” and the member is offered continued support from members of the group who may have specialized knowledge or can make introductions to key people. The whole group takes a 10 min break in between each session to stretch, grab a snack, compare notes or just relax before jumping into the next “Board Meeting”.

A few weeks after the event the host (Jeramy Poole) will check in with each member to make sure they are working on their action items and see if they need any help in doing so.

Who’s Jeramy Poole?

My curiosity about what it would take for me to achieve my version of success in the real estate space drove me to begin hosting high-end real estate networking events in the Tacoma/Seattle WA area. Early success motivated me to push harder, take more risks and organize larger events, at more exciting venues. In April 2017, we decided to launch a weekly real estate talk show called “The Moment” in which I interviewed more than 60 top real estate agents, lenders, builders and investors around the country. It would have been just as easy to record the interview via webinar, but it was important that we did the interview in person. To date we’ve taken the show to Malibu CA, Beverly Hills, Manhattan New York, San Diego CA, Portland OR and Seattle WA. I’m proud to say that the show attracted 10,000’s of thousands of views on Facebook per week, every week for a year and won a Bronze Telly Award for best Real Estate Series in 2018.

It’s now 2019 and I’ve found my passion, made the right connections and acquired enough experience to organize and facilitate World Class real estate focused mastermind events all over the world. I truly hope you decide to join us in San Diego this June.

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is an exclusive group of highly successful real estateentrepreneurs designed to act as your personal Board of Advisors!  FEARLESS is a quarterly event and is limited to group sizes up to 20. Joining FEARLESS is by invitation or application only, built on true peer-to-peer mentorship and enhanced by fear-based group activities that will stretch your limits.